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Emergency Repairs & Demolition Services in New Jersey

CSM Services Emergency Water & Sewer Line Repair

Emergency Water Line Repairs

Repair and installation of broken water lines

Emergency Sewer Line Repairs

Repair and installation of broken sewer lines

Emergency Demolition

Demolition of dangerous collapsing structures

In the event of an EMERGENCY ONLY: Call 908.500.9471

At CSM Services, we understand structural emergencies happen, and when they occur, you need a solution fast. We are standing by 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for anyone in New Jersey who needs help. We are ready for fast and thorough sewer or water line repairs in order minimize extensive damage. We also know there are times when structures themselves become in danger of collapsing. They need to be demolished safely and in a timely manner in order to prevent injuries and/or futher structural damage. We maintain our own equipment for such emergencies, saving valuable time in the case of an emergency.

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